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Tree & Shrub Healthcare Services



Diagnosis generally involves a site visit and a thorough understanding of the site history. Sampling and lab testing of plant tissue, soil and foliar analysis, and/or root excavation may also be necessary.



The addition of essential elements is often required in lawn environments where we disrupt the natural replenishment of minerals by removing leaves.



Intervention to apply controls for various disease and insect pests is often required in our landscapes.  We can help you identify the pest and recommend treatment if necessary.

Thank you for your hard work, your calm presence, and loving nature with us during our tree trauma. I really don’t think I could’ve dealt so well if it hadn’t been you. You and your guys made a huge and very positive impact here - on us, our trees, and on our children. Thank you for everything!
— Suzi & Jon

Commonly encountered diseases

  • Rust (Cedar-Apple, White Pine Blister)

  • Anthracnose (Dogwood, Sycamore)

  • Leaf Spot (Tar Spot, Frogeye)

  • Canker (Cytospora, Nectria)

  • Mildew (Powdery)

  • Vascular (Dutch Elm Disease, Elm Yellows, Ash Yellows)

Maintaining a vigorous, beautiful landscape requires an understanding of your needs and priorities, the site history, regular monitoring, and attentive response.  Proper diagnosis is key! 

For more information on how we can manage your landscape trees and shrubs, contact us!

Commonly encountered insects:

  • Adelgid

  • Scale

  • Caterpillars

  • Beetles

  • Aphids

  • Borers

Submit your Photos

Send us some photos of the problems your trees or shrubs are exhibiting. E-mail them to support@racemttree.com and let us help diagnose the problem. Below are examples of the types of pictures to send. Please include your contact information in the e-mail.

TREEpersonal 052.JPG
crew camera 208.JPG
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We are so grateful for the care and expertise you have brought to our trees. They are one of the greatest sources of pleasure and satisfaction we have from our Berkshire home.
— Betty

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