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"For the finest professional care of your trees and woody shrubs."

What We Do...


Tree Removal
We provide a wide variety of tree removal services. Our certified arborists and ground staff have the knowledge, safety training and equipment to safely remove trees of any size or circumstance from your landscape with efficiency and care.

Pruning (at times referred to as: trimming, shearing, or shaping)
For improvement of safety, aesthetics, and health, including recovery from severe weather damage, for establishment of a view corridor, for maintenance of a hedge or alle', as well as specialty pruning such as pleaching or pollarding. (Categories include: cleaning, thinning, raising, restoration, reduction, and vista pruning)

Structural Support
(Commonly referred to as: cabling, bracing, or reinforcements) Can be used to improve the stability of the tree or its parts.

Lightning Protection
Involves the installation of brass and copper conductors to "ground" the lightning away from the tree.

       Additional Services

  • Air Excavation - To accommodate root inspection or transplanting.
  • Home Orchard management
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Storm Damage Response 24Hr. 
  • Chipping/Stump Grinding
  • Soil Testing/Foliar analysis
Thank you (and your crew) for addressing the problem and taking care of it in a professional way.
— Arthur
Thanks Ron! That old tree looks as good as it can - which is better than I thought it would!
— Larry

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