Race Mountain Tree Services, Inc. - Sheffield, MA - Professional Tree Care in The Berkshires, MA, CT, NY

"For the finest professional care of your trees and woody shrubs."

Why We're Here...

We are arborists devoted to the skillful, artistic, and innovative care and removal of woody plants, trees, and shrubs in the tri-state region.


To provide high-quality arboricultural services to our clientele

To utilize current research and accepted practices

We're prepared to assist with tree concerns related to construction, decline, disease, or insect problems, property lines, identification, safety, storm damage, and water issues. We encourage and support pro-active care and early involvement when considering construction that may sever roots or compact soil. We can help mitigate tree injury related to construction or storm damage.

As we see it our "job" is to work with trees and shrubs to maintain their health and structural integrity, to maximize the quality of life for both you and them.

No human endeavor is perfect, so it goes without saying that when we "install" trees and shrubs in our human landscapes or work around existing plants with our heavy equipment, we add stressing factors, often to plants that are previously strained for one reason or another.

In order to minimize our mutual stress we offer a free initial property inspection and prioritized proposal for care, maintenance, and/or removal as we find advisable.  You'll be able to make reasonable choices based on our summary.  Upon authorization we'll help with a schedule for work that suits you and fits within your budget.

We have used Race Mountain Tree Services for nearly 20 years, for everything from routine service and maintenance to complex diagnostic and treatment problems, as well as for major cleanup after several natural disasters.

There aren’t many companies in any industry that achieve excellence in all facets of their work; Race Mountain has never failed to meet our highest expectations. The people are extremely well-trained, cheerfully dedicated to their work and are visibly loyal both to their company and their customers.

The Berkshires have plenty of tree service companies to choose from, but we can’t imagine choosing anyone other than Race Mountain.
— C & T Jones

Race Mountain Tree Services, Inc. P.O. Box 603 Sheffield, MA 01257 (413) 229-2728